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When to Utilize Purchase FB50 in SAP FI

You need to see standard concepts in intricate monetary solutions such as SAP FI-things like enterprise buildings and of use transactions . Within blog post, let’s see one such purchase rule might use-FB50.

The days are gone of financial journals developed by give. Present accounting is done digitally, additionally the SAP standard Ledger (G/L) will be the means to fix be certain that things are sealed. A portion of the advantages of an electronic experience the utilization of deal rules to speed-up the entry procedure.

Deal FB50 provides the development of record vouchers (a bookkeeping document consists of just range items) inside the G/L module.

The Straight Shot Production Way

To produce an FB50 entryway, follow the software menu course: Accounting a€? monetary bookkeeping a€? standard Ledger a€? Document admission a€? FB50-Enter G/L profile Document. After that double-click FB50-Enter G/L accounts Document through the eating plan road. Subsequently submit “FB50” in the order industry and click submit.

Promoting a record coupon indicates you have to enter document header info (such as posting time) as well as minimum two-line things. It is important that both of these items web to an equilibrium of zero. If they never, one thing is actually wrong when you look at the bookkeeping together with program wont take the deal.

Fill-in the necessary fields-depending on the team you are employing, you might need to go into over date and line items-and when you think all is good, click on the Simulate key. SAP works a test from the entry and if really without a doubt ready to go, the system provides you with the possibility to post.

Alternate Production Strategies

You will find period while producing vouchers that you’ll need to pause the procedure for reasons uknown. This is when the park, save as finished, and hold functionality come into play.

Parking Vouchers

Parking a coupon suggests saving it for future updating-perhaps because you want an endorsement or posses unfinished info. A draft associated with coupon is actually protected (with a document amounts) and does not impact the G/L profile.

Saving Vouchers

Protecting as completed is comparable to posting in this a draft of coupon is spared, however the program checks the coupon similar to how it would if you decided to go Gainesville FL eros escort and send it. The important thing distinction is that the logic try inspected, nevertheless voucher just isn’t posted-which methods you’ll still revise they before uploading. It is best should you catch a non-financial error which should be fixed.

Holding Vouchers

Carrying is quite unlike posting and save as finished. This features produces a short-term conserve point for the information. It is good to need for short interruptions where you are able to return quickly and update.

Unlike posting and vehicle parking, there’s no data amounts assigned to an organised voucher, and like posting and conserving as complete, the voucher is actually editable.

Forest Exhibits

The forest screen are a simple shortcut. It really is a simple toggle work with lots of power because it showcases numerous folders for numerous transaction requirements. This will make the clear answer much easier to navigate, especially when you are considering FB50. You’ll see the next three folders beneath FB50:

Post with resource and Blog post with Clearing

Posting with research is essentially the copying and pasting of a G/L data in order that it are able to feel updated with as little latest records as needed. While this copying/pasting is helpful, SAP advises that you enable derived fields become rederived without manually going into the info.

Sharing with clearing allows you to offset a G/L open items by getting into one line object best. The cleaning plan then finds an opposing range items to web the total amount to zero. Both uploading with research and posting with cleaning are created to cut down on some time and mistake.


Record entries include central source of every solid financial data. With out them, it will be a lot, more difficult to follow the amount of money and develop the files required by stockholders, the IRS, audience … anybody who could have a financial fascination with the company cannot get the ideas they require without record entries documenting each purchase.

FB50 is one of the many purchase requirements might utilize while utilising the SAP standard Ledger. It’s not the flashiest exchange, but it is the most typical. Now that we’ve looked at the production procedure and just how it can save you some time lessen problems through shortcuts, we can move deeper into the G/L.

Publisher’s notice: This blog post has become modified from a section for the guide from monetary bookkeeping in SAP: businesses individual manual , by David Burns.