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Limoges “Chine Petit Panier Chinois” China Set

An eye-catcher, to say the least, this hand-painted Haviland Limoges plate depicts colorful fruit with a golden rim. It is artist signed “La Rue” and marked “D’Arcy’s Hand Painted”.

Flowers are very popular on Limoges plates, but this one seems a little darker and warmer-toned than the majority on the market. While many have a white background, it’s common to find Haviland plates with blue to green backgrounds and pink to rose-colored flowers. Most continue to sell for $100 to $200.

Among the more unique and higher-priced examples include misty white scenes with rare flowers like digitalis. One of these has had an asking price of over $700.

When valuing Limoges porcelain, savvy dealers and collectors give high marks for top-notch decor featuring finely detailed and skillful hand painting. Pieces signed by a notable artist are also desirable.

Examples decorated with transfers simulate hand painting but can be detected upon close inspection. They are generally not as valuable as those that are hand decorated unless the painting is very poorly executed. This can be present with some pieces that were ateur porcelain painters rather than the factory or more proficient artists. Of course, if an item decorated with transfers is extremely rare, then it can still be quite valuable.

The condition also plays an integral part in determining value. This means that a piece should be free of chips, cracks, and damage to the painting. Pieces in pristine condition will be worth far more than examples with one or more condition issues.

The pieces in this guide are varied in terms of quality and desirability to provide an overview of the potential value of this type of porcelain. Also, keep in mind that the term Limoges references many different companies that did business in the Limoges region of France rather than one manufacturer or decorator.

This lot included 24 dinner plates, 12 salad plates, 12 soup bowls, 12 butter and bread plates, 24 cups with saucers, and one large serving dish. The serving plates are marked on the reverse in French because the set was not intended for export. Sets intended for the American ped in English.

Full sets of china are more valuable fatflirt than single pieces or smaller groupings. Though many have been broken up over the years, it’s entirely possible to find many beautiful complete sets such as this.

Tressemann & Vogt Limoges Shaving Mug

Occupational shaving mugs can be very expensive depending on the type of occupation reflected in the decor and who originally owned it. This one is inscribed in gilt “John Brandmeier,” and shows a baker removing loaves of bread from the oven. It has full light blue paint on the back and is marked T&V Limoges France on the bottom. No cracks, chips, or repairs.

The ornate painting on this piece that includes a baker adds significantly to its value. Many other mugs simply include a floral pattern or some other design that’s not specific to the owner’s occupation but does include his name. It’s common for those pieces to sell for under $100.

Tressemann & Vogt Limoges Punch Bowl Set

Large and beautifully decorated Limoges punch sets are quite desirable. This one is marked T & V Limoges (Tressemann & Vogt) with an inscription by the decorator “Harry from Violette June 16, 1905” on the bottom. It’s an exceptionally decorated set with a grape motif comprised of a large punch bowl, matching pedestal, and four sherbets or goblets.