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Horse Dildo Guide: The Best Equine Dildos For Horsing Around

Horse dildos have a unique shape and design. The head is flared and gives a thrilling pop sensation as you slide it in your hole. More importantly though, they are big! These bad boys will go deep.

Chance the Stallion Horse Dildo

This is the best quality horse dildo I have been able to find. It has an incredibly detailed texture and is made from 100% platinum-cure silicone, my favorite material. It’s body safe, easy to clean, a real premium horse dildo.

You can get this dildo on amazon for a good price or they are also available on the Bad Dragon website. On the official website you can choose between 4 sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Ranging from 8 inches long and 3.75 inches girth for a small to a massive 17.5 inches long and 8.25 inches of girth on the extra large.

For firmness you can choose soft, medium or firm. If you aren’t sure what firmness is best for you bad dragon also sells a firmness sample set for $10.

Being able to pick a size and firmness is a perk that most dildos don’t have. It can make all the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Using it

This toy is great for depth fanatics. Just remember to warm yourself well for it, and I mean WELL. Use plenty of lube and take it slow.

For this review I got https://www.hookupdate.net/pl/victoria-milan-recenzja/ a small/soft from Amazon for $75. I managed to take the entire toy on my first try but it did take some work. It’s perfect for anal sex and feels great. The toy can deflect sometimes and get away from you if you give it too much resistance. I think next time I would go for a medium or a firm toy.

Larger sizes will definitely require you to know what you are doing, but the small size with its 3.75″ girth should be manageable by beginners.

It’s also a fun toy to just look at. This is a work of art and it’s easy to see how bad dragon is the alt-toy award winner year after year. The shaft has prominent veins and textures that feel awesome as chance moves into your ‘stall’. The glands have a detailed urethra and slightly flared shape. It also has a cool color mixture like an equine animal with a flair of fantasy.

LZYAA Super Big Size Horse Dildo

If you are looking for a good challenge, here is one of the bigger horse dildos you can find. It is 16.5 inches long and 8.5 inches of girth at the base. It is also quite the heavy and one of the few dildos I own that could also be used for home defense.

It’s not as realistic a shape as other horse dildo’s on our list. There is no medial ring on the shaft and the only texture is very prominent veins. There are no testicles and the only colors available are solid black, pink, or peach.

The head of this toy and the gradual expanding girth makes up for its look. I love the pop feeling when the head slips in past my sphincter, and it takes a bit of effort to pull back out again. With real horses the flared glands would keep the horse from slipping out of his mate.

I am still a novice anal enthusiast and this toy is a bit on the large side for me. It is definitely not for beginners. I managed to get it in and ride it a little, but didn’t make it more than 1/4 down the shaft. And after that I was sore for days afterwards. You really need to open yourself up well before you try to take this entire thing. And use plenty of lube.