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I married and lost her on cancer last 5 years, since then am single

My name is Conay Duke Bond or (Mr CDB) Am a Petroleum Engineer, of this company called Halliburton Oil & Gas Co Ltd

I have been in search for life partner, upon going through your picture at the dating site I decide to send message to you through email because I feel you will be the virtuous woman

….a matured lady who knows what love is all about and know when your partner deserve your attention and love.

I was born on 1st 47 years old now I live in Aberdeen Scotland, was born and brought up in Germany, Dark Brown Hair, grey eyes, smiling face, and 5ft 11inches height and 90kg.. I have a son Maxwell 11yrs now, but he is not staying with me, he is in Liverpool schooling, and taken care of by his Aunt, Am the only child of my late parents I don’t have any siblings.

I wish to disclose myself to you because I believe I wish to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth to let you know about me. If telling you the truth will make you go away so let it be…..i want you to see every fact now that we about to start than seeing it later……am a transparent person and believe in transparency i hide nothing about myself for you.

I don’t mind if you have kids I will accept them as I really love kids, if you can give me the true love and I will reciprocate the true love to you I have one kid

I have come of age to have a nice and wonderful family of my own which I dream of, I have not engaged myself to any relationship since I lost my first love, ….i don’t have any girlfriend now……but I still thank my god who made things possible for me by his grace.

What all men on earth today need is a lady that will make home, loyal and respectful and the man to reciprocate the respect and love a god fearing home, I really know that internet place is not much secured place to choose a wife or life partner am much afraid being here,

Whatever but I know that God will also make it possible to enable me meet my heart desire, it has become much Burden to me to search for life partner.

Coming to you is not for the selfish reason or because of your beauty or whatever but because I feel that you will be the woman of virtues, one who will be much concern of her kids, family and husband, who fear and have a Christian mind meek in heart. One who will be mine and ready to grow old with me, a serious relationship, I love my son Maxwell very well and I know you people always care in terms of hospitality to mankind, I want you to take Maxwell my son as your own son be a good step mum to him if ever we will get married and I know there is nothing impossible to god.

If god permits our heart desire I do promise I will care for you with the best of my knowledge as my wife and your family, I hate divorce and never want to experience it, one man one woman is nice and better. Am sorry to be written much for you here my second email will not be much as this you know I was trying to disclose myself to you.

I have to stop here; please don’t hesitate to reply me and ask me any question you feel to ask. Less i forget due to the nature of my work am not always on line or CHAT am a busy person please try to understand me, but I hope someday we will chat with cam, and you will see me and I will see you also but i will make sure i drop mail every day before or after my working time because am busy to my work, May the good lord guide and protect you, take a very wonderful care of yourself https://hookupdate.net/zoosk-vs-pof/ and your family