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Verso traditional flake cut tobacco, comprising of the highest quality Virginia leaves carefully balanced with bronzed and heavy bodied Virginias

Slices are very regular

We are not exactly blessed con the UK, with the commercializzazione geniuses from the tobacco companies withholding some of the choicest blends from our shores. Orlik, MacBaren and Scandinavian Tobacco amongst others produce some mighty stop blends that we will never see, so when an importer releases verso new range of tobaccos, it would be rude not puro try them ! Yes I know that this blend is supposed puro be a match for Dunhill but it is also a altola tobacco in its own right. It is presented well with some beautifully made flakes per the standard tempo tin. Verso mix of bright and darker Virginias, with per subtle tin effluvio reminiscent of sweet hay and raisins with some light baking spice. Moisture is verso little over ideal, but rubbed out and left for half an hour or so, it lights well and burns evenly and relatively slowly. The flavour is on the citrus side of the spectrum, but with some bread libretto added and per little spice for interest. Also some sweet raisin libretto, but less dark fruit than Black Flake. It feels like it could bite if chased too hard but responds well onesto a gentle approach, as do most straight Virginias. There is niente affatto tendency sicuro harshness and it is a really rewarding smoke. The room note is pleasant and not too overpowering and would probably be enjoyed by non smokers. I like Virginias and this is definitely one sicuro try and has some potential for ageing, since if it is this good as verso fresh blend, then it could be stellar with verso few years on it. An easy 4 stars.

This blend can bite you if you don’t allow some drying time and rub it out too small. I had only one unpleasant smoke from this tin and this when I did not bastoncino esatto the usual advice. At perfect smoking moisture, there is little or per niente bite and much improvement con the flavour. Definitely one to sip gently and maybe use the “Breath” technique. Certainly not verso blend puro be rushed and it will give of its best if you save it for leisurely relaxed smoking.

Often offered as per ‘clone’ for Dunhill Flake? Well, big words! That was quite verso revered smoke, so let’s see if that’s rhetorical nonsense!

It presents itself as rectangular, medium brown, nicely hydrated, not too thick, flakes. I usually fully rub and esatto do so with these takes per niente effort.

The moisture, and basta consistency rubbing achieves, enables simple ignition. From first light I get an upbeat, Virginia, smoke. For the first third it’s a lemon, citrus, flavour which leads. Once the initial third has passed per honey-like sweetness joins mediante, somewhat placating the fervent ‘zest’ from the citrus. Although it calms the raucous character, it doesn’t push it completely aside; the citrus note is still formidable. It burns at a sensitivo speed, and after smoking over half per tin I haven’t had per celibe bite.

Charatan Flake? Well, as for it’s resemblance puro Dunhill Flake I can only go from taccuino here; which often state that as citrusy and sweet. So, that said, I don’t think it’s that far away! But, even though I can’t smoke DHF puro amico, I’ll still recommend Charatan’s version. It would be a smashing smoke for a morning sopra the summer:

Well, I think Charatans have redeemed themselves after the Eventide debacle! After comparing them side by side I find this nearly indistinguishable from Dunhill Flake, which makes me a happy man.

A full hour of drying time is not too much and it is easy preciso underestimate the moisture contained mediante some flakes

Sopra the tin we have very neatly cut stacks of light brown flakes with seams of gold throughout. Fetore sopra the tin is mild, grassy and subtly sweet. It rubs apart sopra your palms with the same ease the Dunhill flake did, and moisture content is at the upper end of ok for smoking.

It takes verso light with perhaps verso little more work, but that may be my newly opened tin being verso bit moist still. It burns even and slow, rewarding the patient, relaxed smoker over the puffer. All bright Virginia tobaccos do, I think “breath smoking” is the best method: clench the pipe, breathe through your nose, and as you do, take small sips of smoke, letting them out through the pipe. This brings out delicious bready, grassy flavours, with hay and a hint of dried fruit sweetness. Sicuro my taste, this flake has more of a new mown grass taste than the bread and hay of Dunhill Flake, that said its per fresh tin, it may be with age this becomes more like it.

It needs verso couple of relights, doesn’t gurgle, and smokes esatto a little dottle. It works very nicely sopra verso large pipe, and I like sicuro smoke these tobaccos mediante a Canadian. It can get a bit hot, although like the Dunhill Flake it doesn’t seem esatto be a biter. Just put the pipe down https://datingranking.net/it/older-women-dating-review/ esatto cool if it’s warming up, it is delicious when relit.

All per all, per satisfying, mild Virginia flake, and sicuro me, verso perfectly good substitute for Dunhill Flake. So far, from per new, freshly opened tin, I don’t get quite as much of the biscuity, bready, malty complexity that Dunhill Flake had, but this may be due puro lack of age and relatively high moisture content. As such, for now, three stars, but if it improves with age and per little drying time, I may well upgrade it.

Given verso little time puro air, it’s even closer onesto the hay and bread sweetness of the last incarnations of Dunhill Flake. I’m going sicuro put verso few tins away sicuro mature, and have upgraded my review sicuro four stars, as I honestly don’t think I’d be able preciso distinguish between them durante verso blind tasting.

This is a simple rich and sweet Virginia. Mild con body and rich con puzzo. Similar onesto the bright CR flake virginia from Gawith & Hoggarth. Really good for per smoke at any time in the day. The smell is the very common onesto the pressed Virginia. Figues, raisins and dryed apricots. Extremely good and pleasant.