For the 1674 greed and you can stifled ambition lead to a case out-of treason plus the failure to help you detect an excellent lifesaving cipher

Whilst the Higher Cipher secure communications, Rossignol tracked others’ missives, and Sunlight King’s code branded everyone, France’s borders were not clear of intrigue.

The new 1670s spotted a number of trouble occurring amongst the French while the much more important Dutch for the north. The brand new Bourbon dynasty is therefore alarmed this improved the troop fuel and you can heavily armed the fresh new forts all collectively their defense perimeter. One of many strategic sites was the bastion off Quilleboeuf, which had been asked because of the Chevalier de Rohan. New Chevalier had a premier social status, and he together with had a track record for being a password solver whom replaced short coded notes that have fans. Even though the fortress and town was strategically located, de- Rohan was not met. His fascination with money and you will a higher review added him towards a good conspiracy.

Having Trouaumont acting as a go-anywhere between, plans have been made payments by the Dutch in exchange for treasonous information. When you’re de Rohan waited to have his buddy to return for the percentage, getting