Osaka Rent-A-Car Association

Customers who use a rental car

Customers who will use a rental car must present their driver’s licenses.
The collection, management, and the use of information acquired at such times are strictly managed.

Reasons why we recommend renting a vehicle from member rental car companies of the association

Enlightenment of legal compliance

The association ensures that member rental car companies of the association are informed of the laws and notices. This helps many member rental car companies of the association to have the highest respect for legal compliance. Driving automobiles also involves the risk of accident and breakdown. Customers are encouraged to choose a rental car company that they feel safe.

Improvement and expansion of services and the support for rental car business

Through the activities of the association, the member rental car companies address issues that are difficult for individual companies to handle. The association provides employee education, study groups, and service enhancement to improve the rental car industry.

When renting a vehicle, we recommend that customers check if the rental car company is a member of the association.

What to do when you violated the parking law

The following explains what to do when you violated the parking law while using a rental car and received a parking violation sticker from a police officer or parking officer.

  • Please go to a police station provided on the violation sticker immediately to follow the prescribed procedures and pay the fine.
  • After completing the violation procedure, present a traffic violation notice, payment slip, receipt, and any other documents received at the police station at the time of returning the rental car.

*The rental car company will contact the customer as soon as the police contacts the rental car company.

What to do when you violated the parking law

If customers have not completed the procedures at the time of returning a vehicle,

  • As stipulated in the rental agreement, customers shall submit a letter of acknowledgement.
  • If customers do not follow the legal procedures, such as the payment of the fine, the following will occur:
  • As stipulated in the rental agreement, the rental car company will make a claim for the payment of the amount equivalent to the parking violation fine and other associated costs against the renter.
  • When the rental car company receives the order to pay the parking violation fine from the police station, personal information, including the name and address of the renter or driver, will be registered with the All Japan Rent-A-Car Association, which will be used by the Rent-A-Car Associations in each prefecture and member companies.

Please understand and be mindful of the statement above.

Precautions for the use of an automotive navigation system

An automotive navigation system helps users to find the desired destination and does not guarantee the itinerary and time of travel. Because of driving conditions, locations, and other reasons, there might be error information or incorrect displays when using the system. Please be sure to follow the actual traffic rules and drive according to road conditions.

  • The automatic travel routes and voice guide of the automotive navigation system may be contrary to actual traffic location and set or display routes, which are not available to drive on.
  • When the vehicle is inside a tunnel, indoor parking, an area with high-rise buildings, road underneath the elevated rail tracks, and an area surrounded with tall trees, as well as due to climate and geographical conditions, the system may not or be difficult to receive GPS signals.
  • Automotive navigation systems are precision instruments. Static electricity, electrical noise, and vibrations may cause failures, such as malfunction and glitch.
  • Please do not play music CDs created at home because it will cause machine failure. Customers will be liable to pay the damage if music CDs created at home are used to cause damage.

Please confirm and understand the precautions stated above when using a rental car.
(After using the automotive navigation system, please delete history data and return it.)

The association assumes no responsibility for money damages and lost earnings caused by an error in map data, incorrect route guidance, malfunctions, or glitches.