Osaka Rent-A-Car Association

How to take advantage of a rental car

For groups

For example, compare driving two to three passenger cars with renting a van.
It requires expressway tolls and fuel costs only for one vehicle, and it is also eco-friendly!
People enjoy chatting on the road and taking turns driving when one driver gets tired. (All drivers need to be registered beforehand.)
Because people go around in a group, there is no need to worry about getting separated. It is also possible to take a side trip as they want.
The driver does not need to run a red light or other violations trying to keep up with other cars while paying attention to the cars behind.

For groups

If you are looking
into buying your own car

If you select a wide variety of car models and test drive, you can compare the ride quality.
This saves you from having regrets after buying a car.

For a long-term use
of a rental car

Each car rental company has monthly rental charges to rent on a monthly basis, as well as reasonable rental charge by weekly and annually. Please be sure to check with them.

If the customers and
potentialcustomers are
a group company
of auto maker

You hesitate to visit your customer with a car made by a different manufacturer. There is no need to worry with a rental car!
You can change the car model and go on a sales call to suit the company you are visiting.