Osaka Rent-A-Car Association


The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association marked its 60th anniversary this year since it was inaugurated as the Federation of Kinki Drive Club on February 1, 1958. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your assistance and cooperation. In recent years, because of the increased difficulty of car ownership in urban areas, more customers are interested in using a rental car than owning a car. In addition, as environmental and energy issues have come to the fore, using rental cars as an eco-friendly means of transportation has been drawing attention. To respond to these changes, the association places importance on compliance, so that customers can feel safer to use car rental services more conveniently. We are pledged to continue to promote eco-friendly driving and work together with the government to offer better services to customers and members in the future.

Detailed activities

  • Dissemination of knowledge, advertising, and publicity of the rental car business.
  • Assistance and consultation for rental car businesses.
  • System development to serve rental car operations.
  • Implementation of seminars on rental car maintenance and management, as well as the dissemination of safety measures.
  • Prevention of crimes related to thefts, free riders, etc., of rental cars.
  • Enlightenment activities of traffic safety for rental car users.
  • Contact points with administrative authorities for the rental car business.
  • Issue of certificates for the rental car business.
  • Consultation for rental car users.
  • Information exchange and the provision of socialization opportunities for rental car companies.
  • Participation in the executive committee for the Osaka Prefecture’s zero accident, zero violation campaign.
  • Coordination activities with the Kinki Region Federation of Rent-A-Car Associations and the All Japan Rent-A-Car Association.

Board members and organizational structure

Board members

(Representative Director)
Masayuki Toyoura ( ORIX RENT-A-CAR KANSAI CO.,LTD. )
Vice-Chairperson Masaya Takemoto ( Business Rental Lease Co., Ltd. )
Toshimi Nakanishi (TOYOTA RENT A LEASE OSAKA Co.,LTD.)
Tomoko Furuichi ( SAGA RENT-A-LEASE Co.,Ltd. )
Executive Director Junichi Nomura ( The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association )
Director Taisaku Kitamura ( NISSAN Rent a Lease Hannan Co.,Ltd. )
Amornpan Boonsue ( FUJI KENKI LEASE CO.,LTD. )
Masaya Yakami (KOOSEN RENT-A-CAR CO.,LTD.)
Natsuko Fujita ( Mitsuwa Automobile Co., Ltd. )
Yukihiko Matsumura ( F Car Rentals Osaka Co., Ltd. )
Toru Nakamura ( Daihatsu Renta Co., Ltd. )
Yasuharu Kurata ( Nippon Rent a Car North Osaka Co., Ltd. )
Keiji Yano ( Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd. )
Koji Iwamoto ( Nissan Car Rental Solutions Co., Ltd. )
Auditor Isao Nakamura ( TOYOTA RENT-A-LEASE SHIN OSAKA Co.,LTD. )
Tadayuki Miyamoto ( SOFT99 AUTO SERVICE CO.,LTD. )
Honorary Member Kazunobu Tumoto ( TOYOTA RENT-A-LEASE OSAKA Co.,LTD. )
Takashi Nishimura ( Business Rental Lease Co., Ltd. )
Mitsuyoshi Yakami ( Hanshin Auto Service Co., Ltd. )
Shigeaki Fujita ( Mitsuwa Automobile Co., Ltd. )
Sadao Obata ( Former Toyota rental lease Osaka )
Noriyuki Shimizu ( Former Daihatsu Rental Lease Co., Ltd. )
Shigeyuki Kurebe ( Kurebe Co., Ltd. )
Tadaaki Morita ( Former general corporate Osaka prefecture rent-a-car association )
Legal Advisor Yoshinobu Hosokawa ( Hosokawa·Matoba Law Office )
Tomoko Matoba ( Hosokawa·Matoba Law Office )

( In no particular order )

Organizational structure

Organizational structure

Corporate Data・Headquarters

The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association is a General First-Class member of the All Japan Rent-A-Car Association.
We are also a member of the Kinki Region Federation of Rent-A-Car Associations,
which holds 83 member companies, about 450 sales offices and nearly 26,000 rental vehicles.

Corporate Name The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association
Headquarters 506 Tenjin Daiichi Bldg., 4-2-26 Nishi-Nakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi 532-0011
Tel 06-6304-5525
Fax 06-6304-8364