Osaka Rent-A-Car Association

Frequently asked questions and answers

The below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about car rental.
All the questions and answers can be found on this page.

About driver’s license

Q.Why do I need to present my driver’s license?

Q.How long do I have to have a driver’s license to rent a vehicle?

Q.I am a foreign national. Can I rent a car?

Q.My current address differs from the address on my driver’s license. Can I still rent a vehicle?

Q.What types of vehicle can I drive with an ordinary driver’s license? Also, can I drive a truck, Unic crane truck, or lift truck with an ordinary driver’s license?

Q.Can I rent a car even if I forgot to bring my driver’s license?

Q.In what situations are drivers not able to rent a vehicle even with a valid driver’s license?

About reservation and rental application

Q.Can I rent a vehicle without reservation?

Q.Where should I contact if I need to cancel or change the reservation details?

Q.What information should I provide at the time of booking?

Q.Can you recommend a chauffeur service provider and driver?

Q.I booked a van for eight people, but the number of people decreased on the day of the reservation. Can I change to a regular passenger car? In that case, will the price change?

The use of a rental vehicle

Q.When will I pay for the rental fee?

Q.How can I extend my rental term?

Q.Is the fuel cost (gasoline cost) included?

Q.What should I do if I cannot return a vehicle with a full tank of fuel?

Q.What should I bring on the day of rental?

Q.Can I have a pet in the rental car?

Car accident and insurance

Q.What should I do if I cause an accident?

Q.What is the liability of an accident?

Q.What is a collision damage waiver (CDW)?

Q.Do all drivers must purchase a collision damage waiver?

Q.What are the cases where the waiver does not apply?

Q.Are there any other charges required to pay besides the deductible cost of insurance?

Q.What is the non-operation charge (NOC)?

Q.Do I need to follow the prescribed procedures even when the car was scratched slightly, which was not caused by an accident?

Q.What is the insurance coverage for rental cars?


Q.Are there any rules for renting a vehicle?

Q.Can another person drive besides the person who booked the vehicle?

Q.Can I pick up or return the car outside business hours?

Q.Does the rental car company keep my car while using your rental car?