Osaka Rent-A-Car Association

Car rental guide

Convenient car rental

Many people use rental cars when on vacation, on business, for moving, etc.

Rental cars are convenient, economical, and eco-friendly ways for people to use just as their own car when they need it and as often as they need it.
From passenger cars, vans, minibuses, freezer vans to construction equipment,
a wide variety of vehicles are available to rent to meet each person's individual needs for vacations and business purposes.

  • Economical


    People can rent a car when they
    need it and as often as they need it.

  • Convenient


    People can freely use the type of
    vehicle according to the purpose
    and the number of passengers.

  • Secure


    The maintenance and repair of the
    rental car It is a shorter
    cycle than general vehicles.

  • Safety


    There is a compensation system for
    rental cars in case of an accident.

About the Rent-A-Car Association

The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association is a General First-Class member of the All Japan Rent-A-Car Association.
The Osaka Rent-A-Car Association has 83 member companies located in Osaka Prefecture with nearly 26,000 vehicles.